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1.2 Research Methods.

The aim of my major protect is to create an informational animation on the complex topic of social anxiety. I aim to use narrative within my animation and characterise social anxiety in order to make it easier to understand.

This essay briefly looks at the advantages of using animated infographics and the use of narrative and characters to ease the understanding of complex topics. This essay also includes a review of 2 examples of where narrative and characters are used in short animations about physical and mental health.

The first animation I will be looking at is Fallin’ Floyd by Anikey:

The second animation will ‘The Tokkels: Preventing STI’s’ be from the NHS Choice animated series ‘The Tokkles’ by The Brothers McLeod:

I will be talking about how a metaphor is used to make the subject matter more relatable.

Other animations in that series that also use clever metaphors to represent health issues:

The Tokkels: Feeling Low

The Tokkels: Trouble Passing Water

Please refer to this blog post when reading my 1.2 Research Methods essay.

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Essay Question.

Unit 1.2: Research Methods requires us to submit a written report based on research about a specific subject.

The topic I want to look at is how narrative or the characterisation of something helps information become easier to understand. I want to look at how something we cannot see has been characterised to make it easier to understand.

I want to look at examples of films that display an illness or a feeling as a character or display something in narrative and see what works and what didn’t. I also want to look at how narrative is used to make the viewer able to understand the information easier.

This is relevant to Unit 1.3 Major Project Proposal as for the FMP I want to create a moving image piece on the subject matter of social anxiety with the aim to get people who do not social anxiety a clearer understanding of what it is.