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The Art of the Brick.

On Thursday I went to Nathan Sawaya’s exhibition The Art of the Brick; a collection of Sawaya’s incredible lego creations!

Sawyer is a New York designer and his work involves taking a childhood favourite toy and using it to do what has never been done before. Ranging from human’s and emotions, to animals, musical instruments, ancient statues and so much more! He was the first person to take LEGO into the art world and here are a few of my favourite pieces!

The Art of the Brick



As explained in a short video showing the process and construction of one of his pieces, although blocks and squares are the best shape for structure, he must take into consideration the weight and ensure the blocks balance correctly in order for the piece to stay together. This was a point that I looked at in my experiments, as well as in the branding and identity collab workshop.

The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick

I think the best thing about his work is that he takes something that is so familiar to everyone, and even though the blocks have clean sharp lines and edges and right angles, he builds them in a way that from afar they create new shapes and curves.

The Art of the Brick


Another thing I liked about the exhibition was also the way the pieces were presented. The mix of all black backgrounds and spotlighting made the bright colours of the LEGO really stand out.




Clear wire was used to display the pieces in a way that increased the overall visual effect. This included suspending some in the air, helping to support the largest creation he has ever made and suspending individual pieces of LEGO to appear like they were floating away from the main structure.

The Art of the Brick


The Art of the Brick

Overall, an amazing exhibition and I definitely recommend it!