Major Project and Visual Summary References

Suspect America – I looked at this one as it was a similar illustration style and I loved the use of textures in the black and white areas.

Party┬áSurvival Guide for Introverts – I looked at this one as it is on a similar topic and I researched animated infographics. I loved the tone and the use of the numbers to keep the viewers attention throughout. I tried to do this in my output.

McBites Little World – I referenced this example as it is a mixture of doodles and photography! I love how the doesn’t move until the very end but it still suggests it is moving by the surrounding doodles. I also like how the doodles make the mcbite, which is something small, into a meteor from out of space which is something big.

Red Bull Doodle – I looked at this one as it was using doodles. I liked how to camera followed the doodles as they drew on and how the lined paper background moves with the camera giving the impression they are on an actual piece of paper. I also did this in my output.


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