Sketches & Experiments.

Here are images of my initial sketches and visual experiments I did during the designing stage of my project.

Initial sketches:

cake Drawings dry mouth Harry potter and the phone call Overthing Everything Public Attention Symptoms Title02AvoidImage0001-2Image0003-2Monsters Scan 01Monsters Scan 02Monsters Scan 03Monsters Scan 04Monsters Scan 05Monsters Scan 06Monsters Scan 07MonstersNO SignNope train 01Nope Train 02Nope Train Scan 01Nope Train Scan 02Number 1Number and monster sketchesNumbers 02Numbers 03Numbers sketches 03Numbers sketches


My plan is to create a long static image and animate the camera panning across the image to reveal certain elements. To create contrast in order to make it stand out I wanted a white background with dark text and illustrations and bright images.

Below is my first draft of my design.

How to be socially anxious 2

Looking at my designs I don’t really feel they have a consistent ‘doodle’ feel to them and I don’t think they’re very appealing.

So from here I will go back, starting with the title and try to get more of a doodle style.

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