Design take 3

I wanted to make my designs look more hand-drawn.
I went back to experimenting with the visuals and doodles as well as drew my own type so I could scan it in and re-draw in Illustrator.


5 step guide 5 sketch 5 draw 4 sketch 4 draw 3 sketch 3 draw 2 sketch 2 draw 1 sketch P1140700



P1140707 P1140708 P1140704 P1140694 P1140691 P1140687 P1140686 P1140682

After this I went and transferred my designs onto the computer and this is the results and progression:

SignBike and safety

When working in After Effects I added text safe and action guides to ensure no text would get lost. Text safe action safe Title

After looking at my Film Criteria list I realised I needed to use a square format as this meant it would take up more of the smaller screen and this was a common format used in online videos on social media. 

On facebook

I decided to try use different food as wheels to suggest comfort eating;

Oreo bike Donut bike

I decided to go with the donuts as they’re brighter and stand out more. I also intend to rotate the wheels during animation and think the detail in the darker objects will get lost when rotating.

I also thought I should emphasise the numbers more;

No.4Title pink

I also played around with the line thickness and applying the Turbulant Displace effect onto the lines to make them look wiggly and hand drawn. (first two images have the effect applied).Wiggly lines thickerWiggly linesScene 2Scene
I also tried adding paper textures to emphasize the hand-drawn ideas; 


New design


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