Design take 2

I tried to get more of a consistent doodle feel with my illustrations so re-designed the opening titles;

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 23.29.06

I also did a moving test to see how it could be animated;

P1140532 P1140533 P1140545

Although I think it looks great and has more of a consistent doodle when I viewed the design on social media (above image) I don’t think it stood out and caught people’s attention.

I think I need to add some colour to the designs. I also want my designs to have a more hand made feel to them so I have considered ways I could create this;

  • Add a paper texture
  • Make the lines more wiggly/un-perfect
  • Make the strokes thinner
  • Hand draw my own type, scan in and re-draw in Illustrator

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