Existing Work.

Here are some animations and images of the visual/animation style I want to create.

This typography is almost exact to the style of illustration I create and to the visual examples I have already created thus far. The animation style is simple and would work very well with my project.

Below is an example of how I want my camera to work. The camera is focusing on one section of doodles at a time but when you get to the end an pan out, the doodles are all a double page spread and the camera has been panning across. This is how I want to animate my project, by designing it first and having the camera pan over certain sections and have some of the illustration/doodles animated.

I really like in this one below how the objects are drawn on first and still and then as soon as they have been drawn they pop to life.

Mixing live action/photography with the doodle design style:

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