Major Project Summer Update!

Research Question: How can I use graphic design and graphic moving image to effectively communicate what social anxiety is and how socially anxious people behave.

Audience: 16-35 year olds

Outcome: 1 minute film acting as ‘a 5 step guide to having social anxiety disorder’

Project Development: 

1-I wanted to look further into my audience and try and create a criteria for my film based on my audiences needs. Here is a picture of pages in my sketchbook showing this work. 


2-I want my script to be humorous, but the 5 ‘steps’ must be informative and communicate the symptoms of SAD and how people with SAD behave. To inspire my script, I looked at people’s personal experiences of social anxiety by looking on forums, reading self-help books, asking people who I know have SAD and I also looked at the symptoms and behavioural patterns of people with SAD by looking at more medical websites. Here is a picture of one of the books that have helped me come up with my script:


3-My way of creating the script was doodling down possible ‘steps’ individually. When I was stuck for inspiration on making the steps humorous, I looked at existing comics to see how they made their scripts funny. This picture is an example of one of the ‘steps’:


4-Get feedback from my script ideas:

Some helpful comments:

  • Don’t try be too funny as it looks like you’re making fun  of people who have social anxiety d
  • The ones that are the funniest are the ones that are like mini conversations i.e. bed time? no! time to… or the ones with examples after them.
  • Don’t have too many long ones. Have a mixture of the short snappy ones and then maybe two longer ones.
  • Some of them don’t really tell me what social anxiety disorder is? is that the aim of your film? Because I am learning how I can act socially anxious, is that the aim?

Below is a picture of the most liked ‘step’. 

IMG_66725-Created three mood boards of the styles that could work a ‘guide on how to have social anxiety disorder.

Vector Infographic 


 Notebook Doodle/Photography IMG_6684


Blueprints/Instruction Manuals

Current state of development: I am currently experimenting with testing out one of my ‘steps’ in the three different styles (shown above in the mood boards). I am doing this so I can see how they look, how complicated or easy they are to create and which style looks the most aesthetically pleasing.

Seeing how easy they are to create will determine if they are achievable in the timeframe I have and also if I need to do any further tutorials to increase my skills using that animation technique.

 My biggest problem at the moment: My problem at the moment is the story board and working out how each of the steps will connect with each other to create a film that flows easily. Even though I have a rough idea of what will happen during each ‘step’ as I haven’t yet decided on a specific design style yet, it is hard to work on the story board.
If anyone has any examples of existing animations that have good links between separate sections they would be epically appreciated as I am really struggling with this.

 What are the next three steps in your development process?
  1. Finish experimenting with the three design styles
  2. Decide on the style I am going to move forward with
  3. Create a detailed story board factoring in the chosen design/style and how I will transition between each step.


6 thoughts on “Major Project Summer Update!”

  1. Looks good Rach! … I think you should pick the style that would be most appealing to your target audience. I would have to say for me, I like the photography and doodling style the most because it would eventually look like a comic in motion, and I love comics. I also think people doodle a lot to express themselves whether they are artists or not, so it feels more intimate and personal.

  2. This is a good example of how you could integrate the typography that introduces the next steps into the pictorial elements of the animation, so it seamlessly transitions.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Great that you made your decision on what route to go for your project. The 5-step guide is such a good idea. Well done for taking the feedback you mention on board and really try to create a film that works for your audience. Which are the 5 steps that you have chosen?

    Good that you are extensively testing you different styles. Don’t be held back by the time it takes to create them though. Choose the one you find most appropriate. If you can’t finish the animation because the style takes so much time to produce that’s fine! Just make sure that you have one section that is exactly how you would like it to look; Do the rest as an animatic and description in the report.

    Have you thought about what kind of audio/sfx/music you would use?

    1. Hey Svenja! Thanks! I have uploaded another post listing the five steps.

      I have eliminated the blue print style, so I am going to do some moving tests this week experimenting with the other two styles ready for next weeks feedback and then decide on one style and go from there.

      I had a talk with Penny about the sound for the film and I think it will be a background track with sound effects to emphasise movement or objects but I am going to try avoid using a voice over as I want it to work without sound. This is because it will be viewed on smart phones etc. possible whilst people are in public and people don’t always have the sound on/very loud when watching videos in public.

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